Research Projects

I am research assistant in the [VT]^2 Research Lab since summer 2015. I am currently working on several projects relating to medical image segmentation, temporal bone surgery simulation and ultrasound simulation.


Performance metrics for temporal bone surgery simulator

I am developing a set of automated surgical performance metrics for our in-house temporal bone surgical simulator. I am integrating these metrics in an interface as a stand-alone module that will be added to the simulator. This would allow for performance evaluation without the presence of an expert surgeon.

Tools: ITK, Qt, C++


Semi-automatic segmentation of temporal bone anatomy

Our temporal bone surgery simulator relies on accurate 3D models of anatomy created from medical images, in a process called image segmentation. In an ongoing project to increase our data sets, I have developed a method to quickly create these models. I published my findings in the Studies in Health Technology and Informatics conference proceedings (see Publications below).

Tools: ITK-Snap, Seg3D, MeVisLab, MITK


Ultrasound Simulator

The organs of premature infants are routinely examined with ultrasound for any abnormalities. Training on this examination is crucial doctors, residents and nurses. A simulator allows for unlimited training opportunities. Our lab is developing a neonatal ultrasound simulator in collaboration with the University of Calgary NICU department. My primary role is developing the interface using a user experience design process.

I started in the summer of 2017 by conducting interviews, sketching and storyboarding. The simulator was tested for the first time in a workshop to great reviews in November 2017. I look forward to its official launch in early 2018.

Tools: ITK, Qt, C++



Evaluation of software tools for segmentation of temporal bone anatomy. Hassan, K. Dort, J.C., Sutherland, G.R., & Chan, S. (2016). Studies in Health Technology and Informatics, 220, 130–133.