William’s Button

William’s Button. A teleportation button that lets you travel through fantasy worlds

— Overview —

Imagine you were a button, what would you do? This was the challenge, I was tasked with: Create a button that represents another student in class (your “client”). Your client should recognize themselves in the thing you create, and be delighted.

I created a button for William. After spending some time with him, I learned that he loves playing and making fantasy games, mythologies, especially Greek and Norse, and writing fantasy short stories, among other things. I focused my button creation on his love of fantasy worlds as it is an overarching theme in the several of his interests.


— Concept Sketches —
I started sketching very broad ideas based on everything he mentioned he enjoyed. I tried ideas for a button as a story-telling/creation aid, a button as a means of exploring fantasy world maps with the focus being a learning tool. I tried out simple game ideas, like a choose your own adventure type game.

Early refinements of the button as a teleportation device idea.


Final idea for button as teleportation device. I incorporated the idea of separate windows representing different worlds.

I was finally led to the idea of having William experience all the fantasy worlds he loves by creating a teleportation button. With this button, William can travel to these worlds and see them first hand.

— Prototype —

Screenshots of the final prototype. Images used in the prototype are referenced below.

The final prototype was created in WPF and C#. At the start of the program, William is in a blank world. As you press him he navigates through other worlds represented by separate stacked windows, giving the worlds a tangible feel. I incorporated a story element to the program describing William’s journey as he navigates through the worlds.

— Links —

Executable: WilliamButtonRelease (Release/WilliamButton.exe)

Source code: my GitHub profile.

— References —